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Greetings … My name is Dr. Andrew, I am a cancer specialist and welcome to my personal website.


  1. Deputy Program Director & Lecturer - University of Nairobi.
  2. Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist - Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Unit.
  3. Secretary - KESHO (Kenya Society of Haematology & Oncology)
  4. Lead Oncologist - Nairobi Radiotherapy & Cancer Centre.

For more info Click here to view my full CV.

Visit my section on cancer awareness and become cancer aware because knowledge is power. You can interact with me on social media links below. Turning cancer worriers into warriors.

Yours truly

Dr. Andrew Odhiambo

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  • When passion and service go hand in hand the outcome is great.Dr Odhiambo has both attributes. Keep up the good work doc,helping patients in the most vulnerable times both in Kenya and beyond.

      Mumbi Makanga

  • Dr.Andrew is terrific!!!!Amiable and Affable. He tries to make one as comfortable as possible and explains what to expect when and how it would feel like. My Mum had a pleasant experience.Good Job!

      A. Gacheri

  • A certified medical profession.. Keen to detail.. Always available anytime you need him. He is excellent. Perfect

      Lizbeth Muoti

  • Dr.Andrew treated us with so much care,love and concern. Gave us hope and we felt at home. He also empowered us with knowledge. I would recommend him to any cancer patient.

      Mercie Kvistgaard